Her honor and her family's reputation were scratched

A Gulf citizen must pay 30,000 dirhams as compensation for his son’s wife

The court overturned the appealed judgment of material compensation.


The Civil Appeal Court in Ras Al Khaimah ruled to oblige (Khaleeji) to pay 30,000 dirhams to his daughter-in-law (Khaleeji), in moral compensation for the sadness and pain that befell her as a result of his breach of her honor and the reputation of her family.

The court of the first instance ruled obligating the accused to pay the victim 70 thousand dirhams, material and moral compensation, and obligated him to pay and attorney fees, but the judgment was not accepted by the accused, so he appealed against him before the civil court of appeal, on the basis that the appealed judgment was wrong in applying the law. In addition to the lack of causation and corruption in the inference, he demanded that the appealed judgment be amended, the case dismissed as a precaution, and a compensation of 10 thousand dirhams was sufficient.

And it called on the victim to oblige the accused to pay her the appropriate and compulsory compensation for the material and moral damages she suffered, while obliging him to pay the legal expenses and fees.

She pointed out that the ruling of the first degree was unfair to her rights, as the compensation is not commensurate with the damages she suffered, as she was unable to practice her personal life, take care of her child, search for work, and go to court and the public prosecution, and it is not commensurate with the moral damages she suffered from grief and pain As a result of the words he gave, her honor and the reputation of her family were not damaged.

And it was stated in the verdict that it is proven from the papers that the mistake is fixed in the right of the accused, and that this mistake resulted in moral damage, which is the victim's feeling of grief and pain as a result of scratching her honor and consideration, which is what deserves moral compensation, but the papers have been free of material damages She caught the victim.

Then the court decides to cancel the appealed judgment of material compensation, and uphold the moral compensation, obliging the accused to pay the victim 30 thousand dirhams moral compensation for what he was entitled to, and also obligated him to pay the expenses and attorney fees for the two levels of litigation.

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