The "Court of First Instance" ruled her 10,000 dirhams

A private school collects tuition fees at the "court"

The Al Ain Court of First Instance ordered the guardian of a student to pay an amount of 10 thousand and 290 dirhams to a private school for the value of tuition arrears for the academic year (2018/2019), and obligated him to pay the fees and expenses.

The details of the case refer to a private school filing a lawsuit against the guardian of a student, requesting that he pay her an amount of 10 thousand and 290 dirhams of school fees that he did not pay.

During the hearing of the case, a representative of the school attended, and the student’s guardian failed to attend, despite his announcement in the lawsuit’s newspaper, by way of publication and by text messages, and the attendee presented on behalf of the plaintiff a copy of the student’s affidavit and registration form.

The court clarified in its ruling that the plaintiff relied on proving her claim to the approval and registration form of the student, which was attached to the signature of the guardian of the student, so it would be an evidence against him for what was stated in it that he registered his daughter in the school, and who decided that his responsibility was occupied with the amount of school fees, and provided a copy of the fee Due from the reality of the school's commercial records, and then it is proven to the court that the defendant’s liability to the school is concerned with the amount subject to the claim, especially since the student’s guardian did not attend the sessions and did not present any defense or submit evidence that he was cleared of the amount, and thus the lawsuit before him is valid and proven. The court obliges the defendant to pay the plaintiff an amount of 10 thousand and 290 dirhams while obliging the fees and expenses.

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