Berlin (dpa) - The Berlin Police Union (GDP) has welcomed the renewed raid against criminal structures in the clan milieu.

"We are persistent, and that's a good thing," said the GdP on Thursday.

"We are currently experiencing a closed cooperation between the responsible institutions in the fight against organized crime among large Arab families and the necessary political backing."

The structures are different from those of the Mafia - "but in both cases it is criminal organizations that need to be paralyzed".

The police searched 27 apartments and other rooms in Berlin and Hamburg on Thursday morning and arrested 3 suspects.

Around 500 police officers from Berlin and the Federal Police were on duty, including special operations units (SEK).

According to the public prosecutor, the investigation is being carried out because of the formation of a criminal organization and other criminal offenses.

According to media reports, this involves money laundering in connection with real estate transactions.

Tweet from the Attorney General's Office