Schwerin (dpa / mv) - With a new Education Exemption Act, further training for work and voluntary work in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is to be given more momentum.

The state parliament in Schwerin passed changes to the law on Wednesday that are intended to facilitate access to the offers and make them more attractive.

According to the Ministry of Education, almost 200,000 euros are available annually to replace wages for companies during the training period.

However, these funds have not been exhausted for years, recently only half.

According to the new law, employees can save the annual entitlement of five days of leave over two years, so that ten days of training can then be taken.

Instead of a third, half of the state funds are to be made available in future for the well-demanded professional training.

The minimum duration of political and voluntary training events, for which the other half is available, is reduced from three to two days.

According to the Ministry of Education, this would enable smaller providers to offer more services in this area.

"Lifelong learning is more important than ever today - not only for the employees, but also for the company," said Education Minister Bettina Martin (SPD).

In addition, it is about active participation in democratic coexistence.


Henning Foerster from the left-wing parliamentary group welcomed the change in the law, but complained that further proposals from trade unions, business associations, churches and educational institutions went unheard.

"As a result, the reimbursement contributions remain at the minimum wage level, cultural education is still neglected and, in the absence of a shortened application period, short-term events cannot be dealt with promptly in a seminar in the future", stated Foerster.