The story of a son who received a special'heritage' six years after leaving his father conveys the impression.

21-year-old Matt Goodman, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, recently revealed on his social media the story of his deceased father with a photo of a $10 bill.

Matt, on her 21st birthday a few days ago, was handed a 10-dollar bill from her sister.

When her sister gave out a bill that wasn't even a birthday present, Matt was confused because she didn't know the English language, and she revealed a secret that she had not known to her younger brother.

This money, equivalent to 10 dollars, or about 11,000 won in our money, was left before the brothers and sisters' fathers passed away.

My father secretly called his sister, who was 15 at the time, secretly handing me a bill, and asked, "When Matt is 21 years old and can drink, be sure to buy the first beer with this money."

Thanks to her older sister, who remembered and kept her promise with her father, Matt drank the beer her father bought her on her 21st birthday.

Mr. Matt released his image of himself drinking beer on social media with a heartwarming post, "Cheers for my father."

When the story of Mr. Matt's family became a hot topic online, many netizens said, "I cry", "It's a really beautiful story", "I remember my parents who passed away", "My father would have wanted to enjoy the joy of having a drink with his son. "It will be," and sent support for the brothers and sisters of Matt.

'Budweiser', an American beer company who was in touch with Mr. Matt's story, added warmth by giving a beer to Mr. Matt, saying, "Because my father was in charge of the first glass, we will take responsibility for the next glass."

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(Photo ='mattg12699' Twitter)