Munich (dpa) - The electric flying taxi manufacturer Lilium is having the pilots of its planned whiz kid trained by the Lufthansa flight school.

"Together, Lilium and Lufthansa Aviation Training will develop a pilot selection and training program to qualify pilots for the Lilium Jet," the two companies announced in Munich on Wednesday.

In the first phase, already qualified commercial pilots will be offered additional training to become Lilium-Jet pilots.

In order to be able to train enough pilots worldwide, virtual reality technology is also used.

Lilium is developing an electric air taxi with five seats.

While most competing models are designed like oversized drones, the Lilium Jet is supposed to take off and land vertically, but cover the distance with the help of wings like a conventional airplane.

That makes the electric jet faster and more efficient.

Series production and the operation of regional flight services are scheduled to start in 2025.


Lufthansa Aviation Training Manager Tiziana Heilig said: "We are delighted to be working with Lilium to create a completely new training program."

The flight school trains cockpit and cabin personnel for around 200 airlines at twelve training locations worldwide.