China News Service, December 7 According to foreign media reports, after eight months of negotiations, the UK and the EU have still failed to reach an agreement on bilateral trade relations after Brexit.

The two sides resumed negotiations on December 6, which is expected to last for two days. This is likely to be their last chance to reach an agreement.

  According to reports, Barnier, the chief negotiator of the European Union responsible for Brexit affairs, and Frost, the British negotiator, had a week of negotiations in London until late at night. The negotiations were suspended on the 4th because they still had no results.

Data map: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

  British Prime Minister Johnson and European Commission President Von der Lein said after a phone call on the 5th that they had instructed the teams of both sides to restart negotiations on the future relationship with a trade agreement as the core on the 6th.

Barnier posted on social media: "We will see if there is progress."

  However, the joint statement issued by Johnson and von Delaney after the call was not so optimistic.

The statement read: "We acknowledge the seriousness of these differences, but we also agree that the negotiating teams of both sides should make greater efforts to assess whether these differences can be resolved." The two sides are scheduled to talk again on the evening of the 7th.

  Although the EU and the United Kingdom have reached agreements on many issues, the two sides still cannot complete negotiations on the most difficult issues such as a level playing field, contract performance management and fisheries.

On January 29, local time, the European Parliament approved the "Brexit" agreement.

After the voting ended, the parliamentarians sang the classic Scottish song "Friendship is Everlasting" hand in hand, and bid farewell to Britain with this well-known "Farewell Song".

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  A person familiar with the matter told Agence France-Presse: “Any result is possible. Because the UK has always wanted to protect sovereignty first, and Europe is worried about being taken advantage of by the UK, these three issues cannot be resolved.”

  British Prime Minister Johnson once insisted that no matter what the outcome of the negotiations, Britain will "highly prosper and develop."

But if Britain fails to sign a trade agreement with the European Union, he will face serious political and economic consequences.

  The Secretary of Agriculture of the UK Justis said that the UK is ready to continue negotiations with the EU on a post-Brexit bilateral trade agreement until it has no meaning to do so.

However, both he and Wren Wren, the director of the UK Drugs and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority, said they were ready to face no agreement.

  He said: "We have made a lot of preparations for a no-deal Brexit last October, and have since been preparing for a possible no agreement after leaving the EU at the end of this year. If the final result is this, we are ready to act."

  Eustis said: "I think it is probably the last few days when we can decide whether we can reach an agreement. If the atmosphere is warm again, and there are real major progress and resolution of details, then more time will definitely be gained. , It must be extended (term)."

  But he also pointed out: "Unless we can resolve these fairly fundamental differences, I think...we will have to take a certain position in the next few days."

  The Director of the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Wren was asked if the United Kingdom “parted ways” with the European Union without a trade agreement at the end of the year, would disrupt the COVID-19 vaccination plan. She said: “We are ready. ."