Berlin (dpa / bb) - Not wearing a mask has cost the Berlin transport company money since June - the company has imposed around 7,000 such contractual penalties since then.

This is another reason why 95 to 98 percent of passengers are now wearing their mouth and nose covering according to the regulations, a spokesman said on Monday.

"That was a lot less than that."

The fines of 50 euros each are therefore not fines.

They are much more payable because in such a case the passengers violate the BVG conditions of carriage.

As with driving without a ticket, this entails a so-called contractual penalty.

The BVG took part on Monday in the nationwide day of action for mask control, which had been called by the Deutsche Bahn and the federal police.

The BVG spokesman said there were also checks to ensure compliance with the mask requirement in buses and trains in the capital.

However, this has been checked every day since April.


Information on the nationwide action day of Deutsche Bahn