During the pandemic, more and more Swedes want to buy a puppy.

It is also noticeable at the borders.

During September-October this year, the Swedish Customs stopped 95 illegally introduced dogs.

Last year, the figure was 39 dogs during the same period.

Dogs with fake vaccinations, fake passports and unknown identities.

- This trade is about a huge amount of money.

It is organized crime, says customs inspector Terese Björneskog.

- Purchasing a puppy can cost 150 euros.

Then they are sold for between 20 and 30 thousand kronor, says Håkan Hansson, deputy border protection manager.

The Swedish Customs may not make a decision

The Swedish Customs stops vehicles, but it is the Swedish Board of Agriculture that, with the help of district veterinarians, must inspect the puppies and decide what to do.

Customs staff increasingly perceive that district veterinarians do not have time to come.

- We want to see a much better handling of district veterinarians and the Swedish Board of Agriculture and that people look at the animals as a commodity because that is what they are, says Håkan Hansson.

Killing or rejection

The Swedish Board of Agriculture can make two decisions about illegally introduced dogs at the border.

One is killing, and the other is rejection.

The vehicle and the puppies are then sent back the same way they entered the country.

- We had a case where the dogs were rejected.

The next day we see the same people on their way out of the country.

The cages were empty and the dogs were delivered somewhere and on closer inspection you could find them on Blocket, says Terese Björneskog.

16 puppies were in such poor condition that they had to be killed.

Photo: Swedish Customs

The Swedish Board of Agriculture wants a meeting

Lotta Hofverberg, unit manager at Jordburksverket regrets if customs staff are dissatisfied and says that the relevant authorities should have a meeting to see if it is possible to improve routines and cooperation to stop this trade.

See the vet's reaction to the puppy smuggling movie:

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Alexandra Vilén, veterinarian at an animal clinic in Landskrona, reacts strongly when she sees the smuggled dogs.

Photo: SVT / Customs