Tensions are rising between the Democratic Party's plan to revise the Airlift Act within this regular assembly and the people's power to stop it.

First of all, it was decided to try to reach an agreement centered on the representatives of the two parties, but the Democratic Party has not changed its policy to deal with it at the plenary session of the National Assembly before the 9th.

This is Jeong-Hyun Jeong.

<Reporter> The

Democratic Party and the heads of the people's power met under the presidency of National Assembly Speaker Park Byung-seok.

The day has come for public remarks due to the issue of the revision of the Airborne Act.

[Gimjongin / of national power emergency measures Chairman: do not go to his will, so another 'doegetda mend again gongsucheo Act I go really want me to ask again whether done for the common sense.]

[Yinakyeon / along Democratic Party (gongsucheo Chapter candidate Recommendation Committee) From the experience of operation, it has been revealed that there are very vulnerable places.

I think improvement is inevitable.] After a

50-minute meeting

, we decided to try

to reach an agreement with the in-house representatives of both parties at the center.

Yesterday (4th), the Democratic Party, which was planning to pass an amendment to the Airlift Act in the subcommittee of the National Assembly Legislative Judiciary Committee, started taking a breath to reopen the subcommittee on the 7th.

However, this does not mean that the policy to deal with it within the regular assembly, which ends on the 9th, has changed again.

[Baek Hye-ryeon/Secretary of the Legislative Judiciary Committee (Democratic Party): I think that there is no other choice but to make a final conclusion on the Airlift Act until the end of the regular National Assembly on December 9th.]

On the 7th, it was strongly opposed by the Democratic Party's one-sided argument that the so-called disposition of the power of the people was done.

[Kim Do-eup/Secretary of the Legislative Judiciary Committee (People's Power): Let's start the airlift from the law that was created, that's such a claim.] Although the

ruling and opposition party representatives will negotiate over the weekend, the prospect that it will not be easy to find a point of contact is prevailing at this time. It seems likely that the extreme confrontation phase will be reenacted next week.