Wiesbaden (dpa / lhe) - On the day of volunteering on Saturday (December 5), the state government advertised its newly introduced “Voluntary Social School Year in Hesse” (FSSJH).

"Voluntary work is indispensable for a functioning society in all situations," said the head of the State Chancellery, Axel Wintermeyer, on Friday in Wiesbaden.

In the project, from January 1st, young people aged 14 and over can volunteer in cities and districts - and choose where they want to work.

The state government wants to make it easier for schoolchildren to start volunteering.

«Young people often only get involved on a short-term basis and on a project basis.

With the FSSJH we want to ensure that they take on tasks and responsibility over a longer period of time, ”said Wintermeyer.

A corresponding pilot project in the Werra-Meißner district was a success.


According to the State Chancellery, almost two and a half million people in Hessen are involved on a voluntary basis.

The state invested almost 32 million euros in promoting this work this year.

According to Finance Minister Michael Boddenberg (CDU), that is a good twelve million euros more than originally planned.

Honorary report of the state government

Communication from the State Chancellery