Freiburg (dpa / lsw) - Freiburg would like to introduce Tempo 30 as a standard speed throughout.

According to its own statements, the city would be the first German municipality with such a regulation.

The mayor of Freiburg, Martin Horn (independent), has proposed a corresponding model test to Federal Economics Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU), as the city announced on Friday.

In order to make the model test possible, Scheuer should create a special regulation of the road traffic regulations (STVO), so the proposal from Freiburg.

Support comes from Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann (Greens).

Such a regulation for the cities is overdue in the interests of traffic safety.

He therefore expressly welcomes the new Freiburg initiative, said Hermann.

Horn sees numerous advantages in a constant Tempo 30 in the city.

Drivers would have clarity and traffic would flow better.

Cyclists and pedestrians would also be better integrated and protected in terms of traffic, according to Horn.

A few "higher-level streets" should remain excluded from the Tempo 30 regulation.


So far, the STVO has basically stipulated a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour in urban areas.

Tempo 30 or other deviating requirements must be justified.

For this reason, they have so far only been approved in residential areas, in the vicinity of daycare centers or for noise protection.

Communication from the city of Freiburg