A Boeing 737 MAX passenger plane of American Airlines flew to its passenger plane maintenance center on the 2nd with media reporters to create momentum for its return to commercial flights at the end of December.

  After being grounded for 20 months due to two serious air crashes, the FAA lifted the grounding order for the Boeing 737 MAX last month, recognizing that Boeing’s changes in flight operation software and pilot training requirements mean that aviation under its jurisdiction Operators can go around this model after completing the new compliance requirements.

On December 2, local time, after a 20-month security ban, the Boeing 737MAX aircraft made its first return flight in the United States on the 2nd under the witness of many media reporters.

The flight was performed by American Airlines (AA).

The picture shows a Boeing 737MAX flying and docking on the apron.

  About 90 people, including journalists from various media and American Airlines staff, boarded the Boeing 737 MAX on the 2nd and flew from Dallas, USA to the American Airlines passenger plane maintenance center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The flight took 45 minutes.

To prevent the new crown epidemic, all personnel on board wear masks.

Reuters said that this is the first time this model has been flying with people other than the civil aviation industry and regulators since it was grounded globally.

  At the aircraft maintenance center, American Airlines personnel briefed the media on the adjustments they made in accordance with the FAA's requirements.

  American Airlines plans to use the Boeing 737 MAX to fly one round of flights between New York and Miami every day on December 29. This will become the first civil aviation aircraft to return to this aircraft type since its grounding in March 2019. Operator.

  Reuters quoted industry insiders as reporting that Boeing will launch an intensive public relations campaign for the 737 MAX to go around.

A Boeing spokesperson said: "As always, we are working closely with global regulators and customers, hoping to return the (737 MAX) fleet to commercial operations safely."

  Some family members of the victims of the Boeing 737 MAX airliner crash still believe that the aircraft is unsafe and express dissatisfaction with American Airlines' plan to re-use this aircraft.

The father of British citizen Zipporah Curry died in the above-mentioned air crash.

She believes that Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration should show the relevant documents to the public, explaining what amendments they made and how the 737 MAX passed the test.

  She told the Associated Press: "I think Boeing is using the media to gain public trust, rather than relying on itself to win trust. I am sick of American Airlines' willingness to cooperate with (Boeing). They are more concerned about profits and corporate interests, not consumption. The personal safety of the person."

  Indonesian Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashed a Boeing 737 MAX8 passenger plane in October 2018 and March last year respectively, killing a total of 346 people. Subsequently, countries successively grounded 737 MAX passenger planes. (Guo Qian) (Xinhua News Agency Special Feature)