Take advantage of a 50% discount on the Rowenta Silent Force vacuum cleaner at Rue du Commerce.



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During Black Friday, the offers are numerous and allow you to renew your equipment.

From 04/12 to 06/12, the Rowenta Silence Force - RO7347EA vacuum cleaner benefits from a 50% discount.

Rowenta's Silence Force - RO7347EA vacuum cleaner: a silent model on sale

Rowenta's Silence Force - RO7347EA vacuum cleaner manages to combine performance and silence.

This model is equipped with Extreme Silence technology.

Thanks to it, the sound level does not exceed 69 dB at maximum power.

To compare, this very quiet noise level for a vacuum cleaner is equivalent to a conversation.

This major asset considerably improves the daily comfort of families.

Rowenta's Silence Force - RO7347EA: a powerful vacuum cleaner for cleaning your interior

The Silence Force vacuum cleaner - RO7347EA is a bagged model that has an extra-large capacity of 4.5 liters.

It is equipped with multidirectional wheels to be moved without difficulty.

You can adjust the vacuum cleaner to 3 positions according to your needs.

To ensure deep cleaning, Rowenta has chosen to integrate a Power Air head that ensures a smooth glide on all surfaces.

For Black Friday, this canister vacuum cleaner is priced at 99.99 euros instead of 199.99 euros.

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