For Black Friday, the Seagate Expansion Desktop 10TB external hard drive is $ 189.99 instead of $ 276.38.



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The use of an external storage solution can be quickly necessary in many situations.

Whether it is to simply store many personal or professional audio, video or photo files, but also Windows backups in the event of a problem, this external hard drive from Seagate easily fulfills all these missions.

A storage capacity of 10 TB

While it is not uncommon today for computers to be equipped with a substantial storage space of up to 1 TB, this is not always enough to meet all needs.

This is especially the case for photographers and videographers who need large storage space.

With the Seagate Expansion Desktop and its 10 TB, it's both a quick and easy-to-use solution.

An ideal solution for multimedia

But in addition to allowing rapid and considerable storage, it also allows the whole family to benefit from a multimedia storage space that can be used with your other devices that can read the stored files (DVD players, Smart TV, etc.).

So ideal for storing your favorite movies and series and watching them on the medium of your choice.

If you're looking for a fast, large, and easy-to-use storage solution, then the 10TB Seagate Expansion Desktop is for you.

In addition, the latter is offered at 189.99 euros instead of 276.38 euros, or 86.39 euros reduction during Black Friday at Cdiscount.

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