Upper secondary schools can prevent congestion by switching to distance education in whole or in part.

The same does not apply to primary schools.

- Our students can not do it, says Mattias Westermark, teacher at Nannaskolan in Uppsala and vice chairman of the local department of the National Union of Teachers.

Therefore, the union has required the employer to provide teachers with protective equipment, such as plexiglass or visors.

It has not yielded any results.

- Nothing is set up at all, says Helena Dübeck, chairman of the Swedish Teachers' Association in Uppsala.

Refers to recommendations

Uppsala municipality says it understands the teachers' concerns.

The answer is still no in the question of protective equipment.

The municipality refers to advice from other authorities, which do not prescribe protective equipment for primary school staff.

- What we do is follow recommendations that come from the Swedish Public Health Agency and the region's infection control doctors, says Helena Hedman Skoglund (L), chair of the education committee.

In the clip, Helena Hedman Skoglund is asked if she herself would substitute one day as a teacher in primary school.