An Egyptian photographer and female model were arrested by authorities for taking obscene pictures in front of a pyramid.

According to The Times of England on the 3rd, Salma Alsimi, a model in Egypt, took a picture around the Sakhara ruins on the 30th with photographer Hossam Muhammad.

Saqqara is famous for Egypt's first pyramid, the stepped'Djoser Pyramid' (27th century BC) and the Unas pyramid with hieroglyphs.

The problem is that their photos violate Egypt's anti-relic management regulations.

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Relics is strictly forbidden to take obscene and rude photos of the ruins of ancient pyramids.

If you look at the photos of Muhammad released through SNS, Alsimi wears a white dress attached to the body with a partial chest bone exposed and poses against a pyramid in the background.

Alsimi also wore a serpentine crown, belt, and bracelet in the ancient Egyptian style.

On social media (SNS), various reactions such as ridicule, criticism, and support for the photo came out.

There were also notices criticizing the authorities who arrested him, saying that Alsimi's costumes are not so different from ordinary women.

One user questioned the actions of the Egyptian authorities, saying that the photos were "non-obscene and completely normal".

It is known that Alsimi wore a black cloak and took off his cloak after entering the ruins as a tourist.

Local police sources say Alsimi and Muhammad are currently in custody.

Police are also investigating who allowed the filming of six of the ruins management staff.

Sources say legal action will also be taken against employees who have allowed photo shoots.

The Times reported that many Egyptian women were arrested this year for'poonggi disorder' while doing social media activities.

Earlier in 2017, there was controversy when a Belgian female model took nude photos at the ruins of the Giza pyramids in Cairo.

In 2018, a video of a young woman taking off her top from the top after climbing the Great Pyramid at night was posted on social media by a Danish photographer, which was a problem.

(Photo = Salma Alsimi's Instagram, Yonhap News)