In Japan, where the third wave of corona infection is in full swing, more and more people say that they cannot sleep comfortably at night due to infection worries.

[College students: (than before the corona epidemic) I seem to be unable to sleep.] As

companies reenter remote work systems due to the re-proliferation of corona, the quality of sleep of office workers is also deteriorating.

According to a recent private survey, two out of 10 remote-working workers said they had less sleep than before the spread of the infection.

[Igarashi/Massage company employee: Looking at the PC all the time, the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, and because of this, many customers say that the quality of sleep is getting worse.]

Consumer electronics companies are eager to sell products that help relieve insomnia.

Earphones that block ambient noise and interlock with a smartphone app to hear the sounds of nature, so-called'white noise' are gaining popularity.

[Yamaguchi/Household Appliance Store Representative: These are not earphones for listening to music, but earphones for use as earplugs.] The

beverage industry also offers green tea with herbal scents that stabilize the mind and body, and lactic acid bacteria drinks that reduce sleep stress by promoting bowel movement Launched and aimed at consumers suffering from insomnia.

[Enomoto/Beverage Company Product Development Department: As more and more people are trying to stay in shape by getting a good sleep, (sales) increased by 106%.]

In particular, as winter enters, sleepless nights are getting longer, and the war between Japanese office workers in the Corona era is expected to continue for some time.