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safety issue of electric kickboards continues to be raised, the National Assembly decided to tighten regulations again.

The bill passed the Standing Committee today (3rd) to allow drivers to ride electric kickboards without a driver's license.

Reporter Kim Min-jeong.


On October 24th, at 9 p.m., a road in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon.

Two high school students were hitting a taxi while riding an electric kickboard and one was killed.

The number of electric kickboard accidents is increasing year by year, so it surged from 49 in 2016 to 886 in the first half of this year.

Nevertheless, if the new law goes into effect on the 10th, you do not need a driver's license and you can ride an electric kickboard from 13 years old.

To that end, the National Assembly changed the law in May.

However, as public opinion worries about safety issues rose, the National Assembly passed an amendment mandating driver's license a week ahead of the law enforcement.

The bill passed by the ruling party agreement on the National Assembly Council today requires a driver's license of at least a prime mover to ride an electric kickboard, which includes restrictions on boarding and requiring safety equipment such as helmets to be worn by persons under the age of 16.

[Lee Myung-soo/National People's Strength Member (National Assembly Council): Will the Road Traffic Act solve the kickboard problem this time?]

[Song Min-heon/Deputy Chief of the National Police Agency: Yes, we have strengthened regulations a little bit, so we will quickly overhaul subordinate statutes, too.]

However, this law passed the plenary session on the 9th, as it was implemented 4 months after the plenary session of the National Assembly passed Even so, it will be implemented from April next year.

Seven months after the National Assembly revised the law, it revised the law again before the law came into force, causing confusion in the lives of the people.

(Video coverage: Lee Seung-hwan and Ha-Ryung, video editing: Choi Hye-young)   

▶ Eventually killed by a kickboard without a helmet or a motorcycle that violated the signal