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Power, autonomy, ergonomics, with or without a bag… Many criteria must be taken into account when purchasing a Rowenta vacuum cleaner.

It is therefore important to carefully consider the key functions of your vacuum cleaner before making your purchase.

Note that the larger your home, the more important criteria such as the autonomy and capacity of your vacuum cleaner will be.

Everything you need to know about the Rowenta vacuum cleaner

Rowenta vacuum cleaner: with or without a bag?

There are two schools among Rowenta vacuum cleaner users: with or without a bag.

Some prefer the second option because it limits the projection of dust into the air and thus prevents the filter from being too loaded with dirt.

You just need to empty the collector on top of the trash when the filling capacity is reached.

Others, on the contrary, will prefer the Rowenta vacuum cleaner with bag because its capacity is generally larger and it must therefore be emptied less often.

This category of users also prefers to empty a bag rather than “bare” dust.

The ergonomics of your Rowenta vacuum cleaner

For users in a hurry, be aware that some vacuum cleaners can be emptied and taken apart very easily: this is generally the case with the Rowenta vacuum cleaner without a bag.

However, some Rowenta vacuum cleaners with bag are very easy to handle, in particular thanks to a hood that opens and closes easily.

Also consider betting on a vacuum cleaner whose filter is easily removed.

The suction capacity of your Rowenta vacuum cleaner

This is an essential criterion when buying your Rowenta vacuum cleaner, because it defines how much your vacuum cleaner will raise the dust and carry it to the tank.

With this in mind, take a good look at the head of your vacuum cleaner.

Make sure that the grooves are not too wide and that all four sides of your brush contain bristles as they allow better suction.

The best Rowenta vacuum cleaners around

Air Force Extrême 24 V: the ergonomic Rowenta vacuum cleaner

Air Force Extreme 24 V - DR

This Rowenta stick vacuum cleaner is fitted with a hatch allowing you to empty your collector directly into the trash, thus limiting dust flights.

A plus for busy users and / or allergy sufferers.

At the same time, its suction capacity is of good quality: it is equipped with an electrobrush suitable for all types of soil.

No need to change the head, just set the brush to one of the three speeds shown, depending on the soil condition.

His little extra?

Its parking position, allowing you to place it vertically.

Ideal for saving space.

The pluses and


of the

Rowenta Air Force Extrême 24 V

vacuum cleaner

Most :

  • Very easy emptying of the collector

  • Suction capacity

  • Parking position

The lessers :

  • Less efficient suction on fine pile carpets

Get the Air Force Extrême 24 V

Clean & Steam: the Rowenta two-in-one vacuum cleaner

Clean & Steam - DR

This is a dual function stick vacuum.

It allows both steam washing and vacuuming the floor at the same time.

It saves you from using additional cleaning products because germs and bacteria are directly neutralized by the heat.

The indications are very legible: orange for suction and blue for steam cleaning.

You will also notice its excellent suction capacity on hard ground.

The pluses and


of the

Rowenta Clean & Steam

vacuum cleaner

Most :

  • Dual steam and suction function

  • Easy to use

  • Ideal for hard floors

The lessers :

  • Not very effective on carpet

Get the Clean & Steam here

Air Force Extrême 18 V: the Rowenta vacuum cleaner for small budgets

Air Force Extrême 18 V - DR

This stick vacuum is aimed at slightly smaller budgets and / or small households.

However, it retains sufficient autonomy (35 minutes) as well as correct handling, and it remains fairly silent.

Its advantage: it is very easy to maintain with its washable water filter and its accessory allowing the brush to be easily opened during cleaning.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Rowenta Air Force Extrême 18 V vacuum cleaner: 

Most :

  • Ideal for small budgets / households

  • Correct autonomy

  • Very easy maintenance

The lessers :

  • Long charge (10 h)

Get the Air Force Extrême 18 V

Compact Power Cyclonic RO3731EA: the compact Rowenta vacuum cleaner

Compact Power Cyclonic RO3731EA - DR

This canister vacuum cleaner is very compact and easy to handle, in particular thanks to its very ergonomic handle.

We also appreciate its lightness which makes it easy to transport.

Its collector is suitable for large households in view of its capacity (1.5 L).

In addition, it is equipped with a monocyclonic technology that separates air and dust well: a plus for allergy sufferers.

Finally, it sucks as well on hard floors as on carpets and is quite quiet.


pros and cons of the Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic RO3731EA vacuum cleaner:

Most :

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Large collector

  • Good suction capacity on any type of floor

The lessers :

  • A bit time-consuming maintenance

  • Vacuum less easily on thick carpet

Get the Compact Power Cyclonic

Air Force Flex AF560 Animal RH9471: the powerful Rowenta vacuum cleaner

Air Force Flex AF560 Animal RH9471 - DR

Very ergonomic, the Air Force Flex AF560 Animal RH9471 is light and easy to transport.

Its suction capacity is very good in view of the brushes supplied with the device: a special height brush, a loose brush, a crevice tool ... In parallel, this rechargeable and two-speed stick vacuum cleaner has an autonomy of 35 minutes: added value for large spaces.

Finally, it's a quiet vacuum cleaner.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Rowenta Air Force Flex AF560 Animal RH9471 vacuum cleaner: 

Most :

  • Good suction power

  • Several types of brushes provided

  • Power controller on the handle

The lessers :

  • Bag a little complex to install

Get the Air Force Flex AF560

Many other Rowenta vacuum cleaners are at your disposal.

Remember to take a good look at their criteria, in order to select the best Rowenta vacuum cleaner for your home.

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