Passage du Désir recycles used sex toys.


M.Libert / 20 Minutes

  • The sale of sex toys is constantly growing, especially in France.

  • The marketing of these millions of objects raises the question of their recycling.

  • The love store chain Passage du Désir has set up a collection and recycling channel for used sex toys.

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”.

When he wrote this in the 18th century, Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier was probably far from thinking that it could one day apply to sex toys.

If one does not yet find it on all the bedside tables of the French, the sex toy market is booming.

The putting into circulation of these millions of objects, whether they are fitted with electronics or not, therefore raises the question of their recycling when they have reached the end of their life.

It is difficult to know how much the sex toy market is in France or in the world.

However, an Ifop poll, carried out in 2017 for Dorcelstore, almost one in two French people “admits having already used it at least once in their lifetime and one in four French people has used it at least once during the course of their life. year 2016. "

"A brand like ours must be eco-responsible"

Looking at his figures and talking with the competition, Patrick Pruvot, founder of the love store chain Passage du Désir, estimates that the market in France represents 250 million euros per year.

A trivialization of objects of pleasure recorded by their arrival prominently in mass distribution thanks to Monoprix.

Passage du Désir has a sex toy corner in the Paris-Montparnasse supermarket.

“A brand like ours must be eco-responsible, like any other brand.

Especially since the devices we sell have a fairly short lifespan, ”he explains.

Passage du Désir recycles used sex toys.

- M.Libert / 20 Minutes

Sex toys, like small household appliances, in fact suffer from rapid obsolescence, "from a few months to a few years" indicates Patrick Pruvot.

Made up mainly of plastic and containing more and more electronics and batteries, these objects of pleasure should therefore not be thrown away with everyone.

"Finding a partner for recycling was not easy, the usual sectors looked down on us because the idea is not very appealing", concedes the boss of Passage du Désir.

It was Ecosystem, specialist in the recycling of electronic and electrical equipment, which was convinced.

The sex toys sector has therefore been set up.

Boxes for collecting used devices were placed in the chain's stores.

The collection is then centralized in Paris before being sent to Ecosystem.

And as if by magic, the object will then be transformed into garden furniture or a car bumper.

Besides, it also works in the other direction, the love store having planned to launch a range of sex toys in recycled material: "Not based on old sex toys, however, that would not pass", recognizes Patrick Pruvot.


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