The new era beckons to us

Goal 2035 let's go together

But please don't stop at this moment

The new century dream has just started

I still remember the teacher asked everyone when I was young

What kind of person do you dream of when you grow up

Some say pilots and some say scientists

Together we are determined to contribute to the motherland

Now the drone uses Beidou satellites

Space technology makes moon landing no longer a dream

I believe that if you don’t forget your original intention, you can always

I firmly believe in creating 2035, so listen carefully

The countryside now has a new future

The plane can be irrigated by spraying remote control

No need to burn wood for natural gas heating

Start the era of well-off

Robots have now learned to cook

Home appliances crossover with AI

Space travel can also explore the deep sea

Chinese technology changes the future


Economic development and environmental protection coexist

Green travel is more popular with lower carbon

Industrial upgrading and development will become faster and faster

The big stage that makes the world pay attention to this is this

"Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" (this is)

"Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" (this is)

This is

"Fourteenth Five-Year"