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So, which device should you fall for?

How can you be sure that you are choosing the best treadmill for your home?

Here's a buying guide to help you find your new jogging companion.

Everything you need to know before buying a treadmill

How much space should I provide for a treadmill?

While many devices are foldable, a treadmill is very bulky.

These rugs are more or less large, some being able to exceed 1.60 meters in length.

In addition, you must also choose your carpet according to its width: a wider carpet will be more comfortable to use, but will also take up more space.

What criteria should be used to choose a treadmill?

It will have to be done according to its objectives, its engine being able to give a good idea of ​​its potential use.

Thus, treadmills with a 2 HP motor will be suitable for most purposes.

A more powerful engine may be recommended for higher level athletes.

In addition, we will also take into account the maximum inclination of the device, as well as the richness of its programs.

How do you judge the power or engine of a motorized treadmill?

Ideally, you should inquire about the peak power and continuous power of the belt.

Peak power is the maximum power that the device can achieve, a useful characteristic on some exercises.

Continuous power can be achieved consistently throughout the exercise.

If you do not have this information, you can refer to the maximum speed: a treadmill at the maximum speed of 16 km / h will be suitable for most athletes.

The selection of the best treadmills of the moment

LTTPSTORE 3-in-1: the manual and multifunctional treadmill

LTTPSTORE 3-in-1 Treadmill - DR

LTTPSTORE begins this selection with a device that offers great value for money.

His treadmill is a manual model (the treadmill is not driven by a motor) and compact, since it is only 1.45 meters long.

Mounted on casters, it can be moved easily once the exercise is over.

But above all, it is a multifunction model delivered with training ropes.

At the base of his foot, there are foam footrests, allowing to work the lower body.

The pros and cons of the LTTPSTORE 3-in-1 treadmill:

Most :

  • Small size and easy installation

  • Price

  • 3-in-1 model

  • Tilt possibilities

The lessers :

  • Narrow mat

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Lontek F509: the treadmill with 12 programs

Lontek F509 - DR

This selection then enters the better known category of motorized treadmills, with the F509 from Lontek.

This foldable treadmill has everything you need for everyday use.

Foldable, it has a maximum speed of 10 km / h.

In addition to its handles with heart sensors, the F509 includes 12 programs accessible from a 5-inch LCD screen.

This makes it more comfortable to control the exercise in progress.

The pros and cons of the Lontek F509 treadmill:

Most :

  • Foldable model

  • Suitable for everyday use

  • Many programs

  • 5 inch LCD screen

The lessers :

  • Difficult to get started with the Bluetooth application

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Best Of TV Walk Machine: The Space-Saving Treadmill

Best Of TV Walk Machine Treadmill - DR

All bulky, motorized treadmills?

The Best Of TV brand responds with its Walk Machine, a carpet removing the most bulky element in height: its handlebars.

The device is only 11 centimeters high and can be stored under a cabinet.

It also offers different speeds, from 0.8 to 6 km / h.

Equipped with an LED panel measuring the number of steps, distance, speed and calories, it also comes with a wireless remote control, allowing you to keep total control over your exercises.

Pros and cons of the Best Of TV Walk Machine treadmill:

Most :

  • Ultra-compact format

  • Two functions (normal and fast walking)

  • Wireless remote control

  • Two wheels for easy movement

The lessers :

  • Limited maximum speed

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Lontek T600: the treadmill for sprinters

Lontek T600 Treadmill - DR

For more intensive programs, we will again turn to the Lontek brand and its T600.

Clearly more versatile, this treadmill has a 2 HP motor with a top speed of 14 km / h.

It also suggests adopting an incline of up to 15%, which allows you to adjust the difficulty of your exercises as closely as possible.

Finally, the T600 has 12 predefined programs, but also and above all a sufficiently wide mat (42 cm) for greater comfort during exercise.

The pros and cons of the Lontek T600 treadmill:

Most :

  • Proposed speed

  • Suitable for all levels

  • Incline up to 15%

  • 12 preset programs

  • 4 wheels for easier movement

The lessers :

  • Maximum weight limited to 100 kilos

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Sportstech F37: the professional treadmill

Sportstech F37 - DR Treadmill

For top-level athletes, a professional treadmill model will ultimately be needed.

Sportstech's F37 is part of this range.

This foldable device has a 7 HP motor with a dedicated lubrication system.

It can reach a maximum speed of 20 km / h.

Extremely complete in its programs, it is clearly intended for intensive use and even allows training with coaching to several thanks to a 7.5-inch multimedia console.

The pros and cons of the Sportstech F37 treadmill:

Most :

  • Ultra-comprehensive programs

  • 7 HP and top speed at 20 km / h

  • Maximum user weight up to 150 kilos

  • 8-zone damping system for impeccable comfort

The lessers :

  • High price

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In addition to programs that suit your goals, the best treadmill should be right for your weight.

It should have all the necessary features (top speed, tilt) and ideally it should be easy to move and store.

Thus, you will have a comfortable device from all points of view.

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