• Maradona, the personal doctor investigated: the hypothesis is manslaughter

  • Maradona, the prosecutor investigates doctors and nurses

  • Maradona's personal doctor: "He was not treated as he should have done"

  • Maradona, daughter Dalma: "Dad, I'll always defend you"


November 30, 2020 The judicial front linked to the dynamics of the death of Diego Armando Maradona continues to increase with worrying news.

Today it was the turn of the vvocatp Rodolfo Baqué, who defends the interests of the nurse Dahiana Madrid, who revealed that two Wednesdays ago, the 'pibe de oro' fell into the villa where he had been transferred and hit his head on the right side, opposite to that from where a subdural hematoma had been removed.   

In a statement on TN TV, Baqué stated that "days before he died, Maradona fell and hit his head. It wasn't a very strong blow, but it hit the right side, contrary to that of the operation. made to get up immediately. Nobody called a clinic. Perhaps by choice of Maradona himself. But he couldn't decide such a thing. "   

The lawyer added that Diego was not "in an appropriate place and that there was no general practitioner", and that "the administration of the drugs was the responsibility of the psychiatrist".

Plus, his heart rate exceeded normal parameters.

"If he had not been there - he assured - today he would probably still be alive".

Baqué again said that before the accident "he had been locked up for three days in his room", without even watching TV.

He came to have 115 beats per minute, and the day before he died he had 109, when it is known that a patient with coronary heart disease cannot exceed 80 beats. "His body, he concluded," was sending signals but he did not. was assisted with any medication.

Maradona could have been admitted to the most luxurious clinic in the world, but instead he was kept in an unsuitable place. "   

A team of magistrates has been investigating the causes of the death of the 'Diez' for days, and yesterday prosecutors and agents carried out a search in the residence and in the clinic of the former football player's trusted doctor, neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, implicated, even if not formally accused, in the case concerning the hypothesis of 'manslaughter'