A self-service scooter, in Paris (illustration).


Clément Follain / 20 Minutes

Its engine was obviously not powerful enough.

Or his driving is not efficient enough.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, a man tried to flee a gendarmerie check in Plabennec, in Finistère.

In a state of intoxication, the man got on his electric scooter to pack up but was not far.

According to the gendarmes, interviewed by

Le Télégramme

, the man was quickly caught.

The control revealed a blood alcohol level of 1.7 grams per liter of blood.

He is also said to have consumed narcotics.

The rule is the same for scooter riders as it is for cyclists or motorists.

The limit is therefore set at 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood.


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