A huge fireball that appears to be a meteor falling over Japan was vividly captured by NHK broadcasting cameras.

According to Japan's public broadcaster NHK, today (29th) at 1:34 am, a fireball emitting a particularly bright light among meteors was observed in a wide area of ​​western Japan.

NHK cameras installed in Mie and Aichi prefectures captured a fireball appearing in the sky above the south, falling for a few seconds, flashing and disappearing.

NHK said that postings that they saw this scene were posted on social media one after another, and that they were able to observe the Tokai and Kinki regions as well as large areas of western Japan such as Shikoku.

An NHK employee who had witnessed it at his home in Ehime Prefecture, in the Shikoku region, said, "It was bright enough to see a fireball shining through the curtain."

Earlier in Japan, fragments were also found in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture in about 10 days after a meteorite with enormous flames fell in the Kanto region in July.

(Photo = NHK broadcast screen capture, Yonhap News)