Chinanews, November 29. According to Euronet, citing EUN News Agency, on the 28th, German virology expert Alexander Kekulé said that most of the new crown epidemics currently spreading around the world are from Italy A variant strain of the new coronavirus in the north.

  Kekule, professor of medical microbiology and virology at Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, and director of the Institute of Medical Microbiology of Halle University, said that the study found that there are many variants of the new crown virus that is spreading around the world. .

  Kekule said that 99.5% of the current global cases of new crown infections can be traced back to a variant of the new crown virus found in northern Italy.

He said that this strain is called the G mutant in the industry and is more infectious.

  On the other hand, Kekule also said that Christmas and New Year are approaching. If people have unrestrained family gatherings, causing more elderly people to be infected with the virus, it will be a disaster for both society and family.

  Kekule believes that only universal virus screening is the wisest choice to control the spread of the virus.

It is not enough to require people to wear masks outdoors. More epidemic prevention measures should be taken in closed spaces to effectively curb the spread of the epidemic.