• "RadioAmarcord", Fellini's radio plays at the Torino Film Festival


November 28, 2020

The 38 / mo Torino Film Festival, the first edition directed by Stefano Francia of Celle and completely online, closes with the victory of Botox, an all-female Iranian black comedy by Kaveh Mazaheri and played between tradition and modernity.

The film also won the screenplay which went to the same director and Sepinood Najian.

The special jury prize went to "Identifying Features" by the young Mexican director and producer Fernanda Valadez with her story of emigration which, among other things, opened the festival.

These are the two main prizes of this edition of the 12 films in competition (divided exactly in half between directors and directors) and judged by an all-female jury. No prize goes to "Regina" by Alessandro Grande, a work between drama and thriller and the only Italian film in competition.