While the shops reopened their doors on Saturday, Romain Mulliez, president of PicWicToys, and co-president of the Federation of shops specializing in toys and children's products, was the guest of Europe 1. At one month of Christmas , and after a month of confinement, it evokes a "serene" reopening.


It is, for them, the big day.

At four weeks before Christmas, businesses so far deemed "non-essential" reopened on Saturday.

A relief expressed by Romain Mulliez, president of the toy chain PicWicToys and co-president of the Federation of shops specializing in toys and children's products, guest of Europe 1. "It's going very well", says -he.

"This opening, which we have been preparing for three days, we can describe as serene."


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"Stores were checked, and it went well"

On this reopening day, customers are there, says the president of PicWicToys.

And this, despite the reinforced sanitary protocol put in place in order to reopen in good sanitary conditions.

"There are stores that were checked and it went well", explains Romain Mulliez.

For now, no queues in front of the stores.

"Customers are coming back, but have not for all that given up e-commerce and the drive", he continues.

Enough to further respect the rule of one customer for 8 square meters.

In addition, the president of the chain of toy stores explains that a novelty has been put in place: making an appointment.

This "makes it possible to use off-peak hours, with several dozen customers per store making appointments early in the morning or at the end of the day, which also makes it possible to smooth out flows".

Smooth flows, while leaving the freedom to the customer to make his purchases according to the formula which suits him best.

A good compromise for brands that have suffered greatly from this second confinement.

What's more, the month of December, with the end-of-year celebrations, is a key month for the toy industry.

"It is a quarter of the turnover", specifies Romain Mulliez, at the microphone of Europe 1. "Plus the part of the November turnover which could not be made and which will be reported in large part."

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"There will be no break"

All the toys are already ordered and reserved, assures the president of PicWicToys, where the problem of availability in store had to be anticipated.

"You can't put all the December sales in one store, so you have to deliver as you go," he explains.

"And if you deliver two months of sales, you have a logistical capacity problem."

Hence the importance, according to him, to obtain a reopening date.

What they got, allowing them to anticipate.

The products therefore arrived in store on time.

And Romain Mulliez, assures him: "There will be no rupture".