Senegal: Macky Sall warns of a possible second wave of Covid-19

A member of the hygiene services of the city of Dakar, Senegal, April 1, 2020. REUTERS / Zohra Bensemra

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Senegalese President Macky Sall is worried about a possible second wave of Covid-19, which would be "unbearable for the country's economy".

Even if Senegal has one of the lowest case fatality rates in the world and “appreciable” results, the Head of State calls for better respect for barrier gestures. 


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With our correspondent in Dakar,

Théa Ollivier

The battle is not quite won,

 " warned President

Macky Sall

in a speech on Thursday, November 26.

In recent days, the trend of new cases of coronavirus has been slightly on the rise in Senegal, with 20 to 30 daily positive cases, against ten in the last weeks.

The concern comes mainly from community cases.

This means that the virus is among unconscious citizens who are carriers and who spread the virus

 ", worried the president.

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A relaxation observed in respect of barrier gestures

Macky Sall insisted on respecting barrier gestures, while wearing a mask and physical distancing are almost no longer respected.

However, the Minister of Health, Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, had reassured during his confrontation with the press: nothing predicts a second wave for the moment.

He nevertheless called for vigilance, because the authorities are still working on the pessimistic hypothesis.

In a globalized world, Senegal will not be able to consider itself safe as long as the virus is circulating in a country.

According to the Ministry of Health and data collected by Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, Covid-19 has affected around 16,000 people and claimed the lives of 332 Senegalese.

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