In an American home, a squirrel was caught eating fermented pears and appearing drunk.

On the 25th local time, foreign media such as Fox News in the US introduced a video filmed by Katie Moloch from Dakota County, Minnesota.

In the video, there is a squirrel sitting at a table and eating food.

However, the body gradually leans back and cannot hold the center properly.

Opening your mouth with a blank expression and staring into the air may seem like we are drunk.

The squirrel, who has been there for a while, suddenly tries to re-center as if his mind has returned, but the body begins to tilt once more.

After a full minute passes, it returns to its original shape.

Mr. Fallak said that it has become a hobby to watch squirrels through the window while living at home recently.

As I was providing food, I had a regular visitor, and one of them was'Lillered' in the video.

Lilled was the first to show interest in the old ship Mr. Downfall found while cleaning the refrigerator.

But when I looked at it an hour later, something was wrong.

Mr. Downfall confessed, "I looked up and released it on the Internet if the squirrel could eat the pear."

He said, "I never intentionally made a squirrel drunk," he said, "I thought I liked it, so I put out a few more, but after seeing this, I immediately retrieved the ship."

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(Source ='Piggy Girl 2010' YouTube)