With the aim of combating smoke from burning fossil fuels

Two students invent a way to convert algae into biofuel

Shama (right) and Nouf during the project presentation at the Innovation Festival.

From the source

Two students at Zainab School for Basic and Secondary Education devised a new method for extracting biofuels from algae, as the process begins by collecting algae, using an electric mixer to grind them, and then putting the powder in water for a specified period, until the algae oil is isolated.

The two students, Shamma Walid Al Shehhi and Nouf Suhail Al Shamsi, told "Emirates Today" that the project to extract fuel from algae aims to combat the increase in smoke resulting from combustion of fossil fuels, and to preserve the environment by using materials that have less impact on them. From algae in the school lab.

The two students stated that they spent several months researching and focusing on a sustainable alternative (algal fuel), under the supervision of the teacher Wijdan Erekat, and using it on a continuous basis would not negatively affect the environment, as studies have shown that biofuels are safer when combustion and less emitting air pollutants.

The two students pointed out that the project contributes to reducing the use of fossil fuels for cars, electricity and machinery, and reduces the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere until its proportion is balanced, which reduces the effects of global warming, in addition to reducing the proportion of gases emitted, so that the proportion of acid rain that affects Aquatic plants and animals, and the project contributes to a moderate climate, and to reduce the death rate due to polluted air.

The two students presented their project at the Science, Technology and Innovation Festival organized by the Ministry of Education, at the Festival Arena - Dubai, last February.

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