“The development of such an innovative support system for Russian families is a very time consuming process.

However, in the end, encouraging families with such benefits and launching a “family index” will lead to an improvement not only in the demographic situation, but also in the quality of development of a new generation of Russians, ”Strokova emphasized.

One of the alleged benefits could be a decrease in the interest rate on mortgages.

The higher the “family index” ratio, the lower the percentage paid by the family on a home loan.

In addition, it will be possible to provide a family with a discount on the purchase of furniture, vehicles, decoration and building materials of Russian production.

At the same time, the deputy notes that the size of the "family index" will consist of those indicators that are directly related not only to the improvement of the demographic situation itself, but also to the level and quality of development of the new generation of Russians.

Thus, it is proposed to increase the coefficient of the "family index" for the following achievements: creating a family and having three children;

participation, as well as the victory of the child in various city, regional, interregional and all-Russian competitions and contests;

graduation from school, college or university with honors;

additional education (music school, art school, theater school);

sports achivments.

It is understood that the Family Index program should be built according to a tiered system, where when a family reaches a new level, the number of benefits acquired will increase.

“I would like to note that the“ family index ”is now just an idea about creating an innovative system of support and encouragement of families.

It is possible to work out and implement this mechanism only if the government, parliamentarians and relevant ministries work together, ”added Strokova. 

At present, as the deputy notes, no country in the world has such a program.

In her opinion, the “family index” will stimulate families to take a more responsible approach to the process of raising a child and his all-round development.