The Somali Mujahideen Movement has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing that targeted a store in the capital, Mogadishu, that killed 6 people.

The movement said on the "Somali Memo" website, which is affiliated with it, that one of its fighters carried out an operation in a store frequented by security officials.

The authorities say that the attack killed 6 people, at a time when the movement stated that the operation resulted in the killing of about 10 people, including officers and members of the intelligence service, and wounding 15 others, of varying degrees.

The government condemned the attack, and Somali Information Minister Othman Dubai said in a statement, "The terrorist attack confirms the terrorists’ determination to shed more blood of our people. "

For years, Somalia has been waging a war against the Al-Shabaab movement, which was founded in early 2004, which is an armed movement affiliated with Al-Qaeda ideology and has adopted many operations that have claimed dozens of lives.