The 50-year-old was stopped by police at a traffic control last summer and was suspected of driving under the influence of drugs.

Drugs were also found in the man's car.

Keys to a warehouse were also found in the car, where around three kilos of amphetamine were later found.

Fingerprints from the 30-year-old were also found.

In the room, as well as in another warehouse, the two men, according to the verdict, must have stored the drugs, which they intended to sell.

Drove around with loaded weapon

The house search was also done at the men's home.

At the 50-year-old, a shotgun and a shotgun were found, which is considered a serious crime as the man was under the influence of drugs when he handled the weapon and that he also drove around with a loaded weapon in his car. 

Imprisonment for five years

Drugs, pepper spray and doping substances were found in the 30-year-old's home.

He also drove around in the car with a shotgun.

The man is convicted of two cases of drug offenses, of which one was serious, two cases of weapons offenses were of a serious and doping offenses.

The penalty is five years in prison.

The 50-year-old is sentenced to five years and a half in prison for a serious drug offense and a serious weapon crime.

"Stored the drug for another"

The 50-year-old admits his crimes but says that he did not commit the crimes together with the 30-year-old and that he only kept the drugs for another person - while the 30-year-old denies parts of the crimes he is convicted of.