• Crime Rostagno, life sentence for two Cosa Nostra bosses

  • Murder Rostagno, life sentence confirmed to the boss Virga.

    Sentencing of the alleged killer canceled

  • "Like Peppino Impastato, Mauro Rostagno also irritated the bosses".

    Sentence confirmed on appeal


November 27, 2020 Final life sentence for Vincenzo Virga, confirmed the acquittal of Vito Mazzara.

This was decided by the first criminal section of the Supreme Court, in the trial for the murder of Mauro Rostagno, the journalist and sociologist killed in the Trapani area in September 1988.

The Cassation in fact rejected both the appeal presented by the defense of Virga and that of the general prosecutor of Palermo against the sentence with which the Court of Assizes of Appeal of the Sicilian capital, in February 2018, had confirmed the sentence to life imprisonment for the Trapani boss Virga, considered the instigator of the murder, and acquitted "for not having committed the fact "Vito Mazzara, who in the first degree had been sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of being the killer of Rostagno.