• Kitchen.The driver from Bárcenas declares that the trusted police officer from Cospedal got him the job

  • Justice: The judge orders to investigate the notary who formalized the messages of Fernández Díaz and Martínez


Enrique García Castaño

, former head of the

Central Unit for Operational Support (UCAO)

of the National Police, warns the judge who instructs

Operation Kitchen

that their mobile phones contain

information on secret police operations

against corruption in Catalonia.

This former high command of the police, accused in the case investigating the espionage of the former treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas, has presented a brief before the Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court, to which EL MUNDO has had access.

Through it he communicates that he intends to

continue collaborating "without limits" with the Justice

in this summary, in which he has already provided decisive information for the imputation of the former officials of the PP in the Interior during the Government of Mariano Rajoy.

Of course, it alerts that the mobile terminals that were intervened and that the judge has just agreed to be analyzed, contain classified information of operations against the corruption of the pro-independence leaders.


also the identity of countless police confidants in anti-terrorism matters


It is not the first time that 'Operation Kitchen' uncovers the secret intervention of the

Police in Catalonia


This newspaper has already revealed that the Interior mistakenly declassified the payments of funds reserved to

mossos d'esquadra

that provided information to the Security Forces about the independence process and sent the supporting documents to the National Court intermixed with the payments related to the investigation to Bárcenas.

The letter from García Castaño, prepared by the lawyer Aitor Martínez, of the Ilocad law firm directed by

Baltasar Garzón

, highlights that he "does not oppose" the investigators checking whether he sent messages to the former Interior Minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz.

Specifically, it refers to those in which it refers directly to the cloned without a court order of Bárcenas' mobiles and that the former minister does not recognize as his own.

García Castaño, known by the alias of

'El Gordo'

, asserts that

"he never sent those messages



While specifying that "he never maintained fluid communication with

Fernández Díaz


"Much less is this procedural representation opposed," explains his lawyer, "if we take into account the unrestricted collaboration with the Justice that García Castaño is maintaining."

"As is known, since the beginning of the investigation, it has maintained unlimited collaboration with the judicial body, to the point that its cooperation has been a fundamental piece for the investigation of the facts," he continues.

In this sense, it should be remembered that it was this historic commissioner who confessed that in the framework of the 'Kitchen' operation he copied Bárcenas' cell phones in a central Madrid cafeteria as well as that he gave a copy of them in person to the former secretary of State of the Interior,

Francisco Martínez

in his official office.

To accredit this episode, he provided the judge with a copy of the content cloned without a court order from the phones of the former 'popular' treasurer.

However, despite having carried out the aforementioned operation, he maintains that he never communicated the maneuver to Fernández Díaz by message.

For his part, the former 'number two' of the Interior flatly denies having received the information stolen from Bárcenas by the Police, as reported by the commissioner.

Despite the fact that the lengthy confession of 'El Gordo' also includes the entry into one of the buildings of the Bárcenas family, it points to the knowledge of the operation by the then president of the Government and ended up causing the indictment of Martínez, the Prosecutor's Office did not has still recognized to this day their collaboration in this piece of the

'Tandem case'


At this point, García Castaño insists that their phones contain material that is affected by the Official Secrets Law.

"It is necessary to remember," indicates his defense, "that he has been the head of the UCAO for decades, where operations, police sources, and even anti-terrorism matters were coordinated."

"Therefore, this device could contain information related to police operations of all kinds, all of them subject to secrecy according to various government agreements."

This is the case of "some in anti-terrorism and others in Catalonia."

Judge García Castellón has ordered the analysis of García Castaño's motives since Fernández Díaz's imputation currently rests on some messages that were protocolized by Martínez before a notary public and that were intervened on the latter by the Police.

The former minister assures that he never wrote or sent them.

What's more, he even goes so far as to maintain, through a computer expert's report, that his former right hand has manipulated them and they are false.

Given the contradiction between the versions of Fernández Díaz and Martínez (who maintains that he was informed of the theft of information from Bárcenas by his direct boss) and after hearing both in the recent confrontation held at the National Court, the instructor has called to testify again to García Castaño and the former Deputy Director of Operations (DAO) of the Police, Eugenio Pino.

The objective is for them to clarify whether they were the ones who told the minister that Bárcenas' cell phones had been copied.

That is why, in parallel, the judge has commissioned the analysis of García Castaño's mobiles: to check if the controversial messages left his terminals and to resolve the dilemma.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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