Rosoboronexport announced the start of the promotion of the Prima mobile radar station on the external market.

This was announced by the CEO of the company Alexander Mikheev.

“Every year, the export catalog of Rosoboronexport is replenished with dozens of weapons and military equipment.

Thanks to the work of Russian scientists, engineers and designers, they get unique characteristics, create new trends in their segments of the world arms market.

We are starting to promote the highly mobile Prima radar, which has a unique ability to effectively detect modern and promising stealth targets, including any aircraft produced using stealth technologies, ”Mikheev said in a statement posted on the concern's website.

The general director of Rosoboronexport stressed that Russian radio-electronic and air defense systems, including the Prima radar station, have unique technical capabilities to integrate into the national air defense systems existing at foreign customers, significantly increasing their effectiveness.

“I am sure that a unique set of characteristics will provide the station with excellent export potential and will bring it to top positions in the countries of Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East,” added Alexander Mikheev.

Possibilities of "Prima"

Radar "Prima" is designed to detect, track, measure coordinates and determine the nationality of air objects of various classes and types, the concern notes.

At the same time, the station operates under conditions of active and passive interference.

The station is made on a modern element base with digital processing and formation of a location signal.

It is completely solid-state, has a high potential, increased noise immunity, notes Rosoboronexport.

Prima's main advantage over most other radars on the market is its increased mobility.

All equipment and antenna are located on one vehicle with a combat crew of two.

The station also has a high degree of automation - the time for its folding and deployment is about five minutes.

The Prima station operates in the meter wavelength range and is capable of detecting all aircraft, including those made using stealth technologies.

The target detection range is from 500 meters to more than 320 km and in elevation - up to 45 degrees.

Thanks to new technological solutions, the station can operate in jamming conditions, on terrain with difficult terrain and in adverse weather conditions.

"Prima" has the ability to automatically detect and track low-speed and stealth targets using their reflection from objects on the ground.

In addition, the radar is equipped with modern satellite navigation equipment that works with GLONASS / GPS signals, which provide automatic orientation.

The Prima is powered by a built-in power plant with a diesel generator.

In addition, if necessary, it can be connected to a three-phase general purpose mains.

At the same time, the developers note that, at the request of the customer, it is possible to replace the standard diesel generator and automobile chassis with other samples, including imported ones.

Notable technologies

Stealth technologies (widely used in US military aviation), which provide reduced visibility of aircraft for radars, have recently become no longer a significant obstacle for Russian scientists and designers.

So, in July of this year, researchers from the Academician A.L.

Mints (part of JSC RTI), together with specialists from other institutions and enterprises, managed to develop a new method for detecting moving objects made using stealth technology.

  • Airplane F-35

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    Kip Sumner / Handout

“As part of the development of a new method, JSC RTI assessed the possibility of using the analysis of the radar shadow by synthesizing the aperture of moving objects arising at the stage of terrain mapping,” the institute said, stressing that the new method is of high practical importance and can be used in as an "additional feature in the selection of moving objects."

Military expert Yuri Knutov, in a conversation with RT, noted that such a radar station as Prima, which can detect inconspicuous targets, is absolutely necessary in modern combat.

"Station" Prima "meets all the requirements and standards of today, irreplaceable for any country thinking about its safety.

I am sure it will be in demand abroad, many countries will buy it with pleasure, ”the expert emphasized.

Military expert Alexei Leonkov agrees with this assessment.

“Such stations are important in modern combat conditions, since they provide target detection at a distance of more than 300 km, which allows systems to engage air targets or air attack weapons to use high-precision air-to-ground and air-to-air weapons,” the expert noted.

The appearance in the armament of a number of countries of aircraft of the fifth generation, which use stealth technologies in their design, will increase the interest of foreign customers in such radar stations, stressed Alexey Leonkov.

“The export potential of Prima is quite high, because many countries understand that the main type of weapons, for example, for the United States and its allies, in the near future will be stealth aircraft F-35, which are capable of carrying various weapon systems. If the country receives this station, then the issue of detecting such stealth aircraft and issuing target designations for these objects will become a regular event, which will allow their air defense systems to work effectively on them, ”the expert concluded.