At a time when the world was sad about the departure of soccer legend Diego Maradona, and football is crying out for the loss of the "magic foot", some found in this tragedy an opportunity to gain fame and followers on communication sites, even as a picture with the body of the late Argentine star.

A picture of an employee in the funeral parlor, in which Maradona's coffin was placed, spread with his body after revealing his face while inside the shroud.

And after the image turned into a global trend, the employee was fired and his lawyer moved to file a lawsuit against everyone involved in this heinous incident.

It is noteworthy that the employee with the photo is called Diego Molina, after the late legend

But that did not prevent him from violating the sanctity of his death.

Although a special apology was sent to the Maradona family,

However, this did not stop the expansion of the investigations, which indicate the involvement of 3 other employees in the picture.

Maradona's lawyer confirmed, "After revealing the identity of the perpetrator of this incident, he confirmed that he would not be complacent until everyone paid the price for their action, for the sake of the memory of my friend Maradona."

Got a pic of that sock council guy .. promoting his socks next to Maradona in a coffin!

- Dorn (@choppy_cookie) November 27, 2020