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is a heated controversy in the political world over the document to determine the propensity of judges.

The Democratic Party criticized it as a challenge to the rule of law, and the people's power confronted the confiscation of President Yoon Suk-yeol, saying that there was information about passport personnel in the confiscated object, and that they were driving to the temple to cover this.

This is reporter Kim Soo-young.

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Democratic Party, which defined the prosecution's document that investigated the propensity of judges as a'judge's inspection', argued that this was a challenge to the rule of law and a major issue that shakes the foundation of democracy.

He said the prosecution did not even recognize that it was illegal while systematically collecting and managing it.

[Lee Nak-yeon/Democratic Party Representative: The disciplinary procedure of the Ministry of Justice for the person in charge should be implemented promptly and strict.]

Some Democratic Party lawmakers said that the judge's inspection could be the tip of the iceberg. He also raised his voice saying that the case should be investigated.

The power of the people said that the document was only analyzed by the court, and insisted that the Ministry of Justice exaggerated it with an inspector to stimulate the court.

[Juhoyoung / people's power Majority Leader: The test goes on trial or not the judge purification of the court is entirely unaware into itself what minute -

the national forces passport apsumul by the Supreme Prosecutors' Office gamchalbu obtained from yunseokyeol Attorney General inspection process Since it also includes personnel intelligence, it has also raised suspicion that the Ministry of Justice has turned normal documents into illegal inspections to cover them.

At the same time, the opposition parties demanded that the confiscations be verified together.

However, the Supreme Prosecutors' Office refuted that it had not confiscated'investigative intelligence for influential passport personnel'.