On the morning of November 25, local time, the gate of the German Chancellery in Berlin was hit by a man driving a car.

Except for minor injuries to the driver, no other casualties were caused by the impact, and the gate of the Prime Minister's Office was slightly damaged.

  At the time of the incident, German Chancellor Merkel was holding a video conference with state governors in the Chancellery to finalize the next epidemic prevention policy.

The Berlin police stressed that the incident did not pose a threat to the safety of Merkel, the federal government and the staff of the Chancellery.

  According to the case reported by the Berlin police, a 54-year-old man drove a car from the direction of Willy-Brandt Straße and hit the left side of the Chancellery at a low speed for daily vehicle entry and exit and entry and exit of reporters and visitors. Door.

The German Federal Police in charge of the security of the Chancellery immediately arrested the man and began to interrogate him.

The police did not release the nationality and name of the man responsible for the incident.

  A reporter from China News Agency rushed to the scene at noon that day and saw that the vehicle in question had been moved across the street from the Chancellery to the side of the Swiss Embassy in Germany, and the surrounding area had been cordoned off.

Investigators are continuing to search the car for suspicious objects.

The vehicle involved in the accident was a hatchback Volkswagen with a license plate in Lippe County, North Rhine-Westphalia.

The left and right sides of the car were sprayed with the words "You damn murderers of children and the elderly" and "Stop globalization policy".

  The reporter noticed that after the incident, security in front of and around the Prime Minister's Office was significantly strengthened on the same day. The authorities not only deployed a large number of police forces, but also deployed police dogs.

  The Berlin police said that whether the case was caused by the driver's mental disorder or other motives is still under investigation.

(Reporter Peng Dawei edited Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】