Karlsruhe (dpa / lsw) - Almost a year after the opening of the first drug consumption room in Baden-Württemberg in Karlsruhe, those responsible drew a positive balance.

The employees were able to prevent four potential deaths from an overdose in the first twelve months, as the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) Karlsruhe announced on Thursday.

The offer has so far been used by more than 100 severely dependent people.

In the facility in Karlsruhe you can consume drugs you have brought with you, such as cocaine or heroin, under hygienic conditions and supervision.

The operation runs according to the information inconspicuous and unspectacular.

Fears that there could be an open meeting place for drug addicts in the vicinity of the facility have not been confirmed, according to the police and the public prosecutor.

Complaints from residents are also not known.

According to the German AIDS Federation, there are 27 such institutions in seven federal states nationwide.

The Narcotics Act has made this possible for the federal states for more than 20 years.

The drug consumption room in Karlsruhe was opened last December.

The facility was previously highly controversial in the green-black state government.


Overview of drug consumption rooms

AWO Karlsruhe