Radebeul (dpa / sn) - More than 500 bakeries in Saxony are collecting change from buying stollen for a good cause in Advent 2020.

Customers are asked until Christmas to throw it into one of almost 1,330 donation cans for those in need, as the Diakonie Sachsen in Radebeul announced on Thursday.

Because of the corona pandemic, the traditional "Stollenpfennig" campaign will not be officially opened this time.

The proceeds go to projects of the “Bread for the World” relief campaign run by the Evangelical Church.

According to Diakonie, over 29,500 euros were raised in 2019.

Child labor is the focus of the 62nd fundraising campaign entitled “Giving Children a Future”.

"Only success in the fight against hunger and poverty can also sustainably push back child labor," said Diakonie boss Dietrich Bauer.

"It shouldn't be that millions of families are forced to send their children to work instead of school."

This is how poverty becomes permanent.

Diakonie refers to information from the International Labor Organization (ILO), according to which more than 152 million children worldwide have to work in order for their families to make ends meet - often under dangerous conditions for health, safety and mental development.


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