On the 26th, the power of the people, Kim Jong-in, chairman of the Emergency Response Committee, proposed to the Democratic Party to conduct a'comprehensive state affairs investigation' in relation to the exclusion of the duties of Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol by Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae.

Chairman Kim said at a non-capital meeting that day, "There are many criticisms that the reasons for suspension of the office of the prosecutor general are very difficult. There are traces of not properly confirming the basic facts."

In addition, he argued that "a comprehensive investigation into the state affairs should be conducted to see if there are any problems with the reasons for the suspension of the prosecutor general's office as well as the investigation and command of the Minister of Justice, abuse of the prosecutor's authority, and exercise of excessive personnel rights.

Chairman Kim's proposal came after the Democratic Party's CEO Nak-yeon Lee, targeting President Yoon the day before, saying, "Please let the party review the direction in which the National Assembly is pursuing state affairs investigations."

Chairman Kim pointed out that "the voice of criticism is very high that liberal democracy, which is the basic spirit of the Constitution, is being frustrated by the routine abuse of power by the people of the armed regime, not by the rule of law by the authority."

He said, "Because of this government, the judicial order is in confusion," he said. "Isn't there any work to destroy the order of the prosecution in the name of reforming the prosecution?"

(Photo = Yonhap News)