China News Service, Xining, November 26th, title: Cuban doctor Leo Danis’ transoceanic "Bright Walk"

  Author Zhang Tianfu Wen Si Rui

  "How are you"

  "Place your chin on top"

  "Look ahead, don't move"


  Leo Danis, a Cuban doctor, uses simple Chinese to remind patients with eye diseases who are undergoing examinations to pose.

Whenever he encounters a Tibetan patient, he can still speak a few words in Tibetan... This makes him instantly get closer to the patient and become a heartwarming foreign expert in the hospital department.

  In April 2018, Leo Danis, who used to treat illnesses in many countries, set foot in the ancient city of Xining, Qinghai Province, on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

  As a glaucoma surgeon at Xining Aier Eye Hospital, he specializes in glaucoma and cataracts. In addition to sitting in the outpatient clinic of the hospital to perform cataract surgery, he also goes to higher altitudes to do some eye disease screening.

The picture shows the Cuban doctor Leo Danis inspecting patients with eye diseases.

Photo by Ma Mingyan

  After working for more than two years, he discovered that the eye diseases of the people in Qinghai showed "Qinghai characteristics", which were mainly cataracts and dry eyes. "This is related to the regional characteristics, such as strong ultraviolet rays on the plateau and dry climate."

  “It’s a pleasure and a pleasure in itself to be able to work in China,” he said. “Professional speaking, I have studied ophthalmology in Cuba for many years, and the theory is dominant. After I came to Aier Eye Hospital, not only You can apply what you have learned, and you can use a lot of advanced equipment."

  "China's science and technology are very advanced, and the equipment is very advanced. If I can combine the theory I have learned with advanced equipment, wouldn't it be better." Leo Danis is not without pride.

  But at the same time, he also experienced the saddest thing, that is, thinking about his family and his motherland. "Because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, I have been in Qinghai this time. I have stayed for more than ten months and have not returned to Cuba. "

  In 2018, Leo Danis gave birth to his little daughter shortly after he came to Qinghai. When he first returned to China, the little daughter was just one year old. A month later he returned to Qinghai. This means that the father and daughter have only been together since the birth of the little daughter. For a month, this became the softest pain in his heart.

The picture shows the exchange of Cuban doctor Leo Danis with Cuban experts in the hospital.

Photo by Ma Mingyan

  Because there are few peppers in the Cuban diet, but there are more or less spicy ingredients in various Chinese diets. At the beginning, Leo Danis didn’t adapt. “But now I’m getting used to it. I’ll have breakfast in the hospital cafeteria , I cook lunch and dinner at home. There is a market not far from the hospital. I will purchase some ingredients myself."

  Because the hospital also has a Cuban doctor, and his translator can help solve many problems in language and life, it makes him feel very comfortable with life in Qinghai.

  With the development of Xining Aier Eye Hospital, the number of patients continues to increase, and the workload continues to increase. However, during the rare weekends and weekends, he will rest at home, watch movies, and clean up the house. At other times, his translator will take He went out for shopping and fitness was a great pleasure for them both.

The picture shows Leo Danis inspecting patients with eye diseases.

Photo by Ma Mingyan

  Cuba is the first Latin American country to establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China. In the 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the two countries have worked together and helped each other.

  "I hope that Qinghai will develop better and better and have a deeper and deeper friendship with Cuba. I hope that more Cuban doctors will come to work in Qinghai, and the patients I cured will have the opportunity to travel to Cuba." Leo Danis is full of look forward to.