The latest coronavirus report shows 50,957 deaths on Thursday evening, while hospitalizations and resuscitations are once again on the decline. 

This Thursday France has 50,957 dead from the coronavirus, or 339 more than the day before.

In detail, there are now 35,119 deaths in hospitals.

In addition, the ebb of the second wave continues with a drop in hospitalizations and resuscitations.   

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Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Thursday, November 26

Less than 30,000 hospitalizations for Covid-19

Fewer than 30,000 people, 29,310 to be precise, are currently hospitalized due to an infection of the coronavirus, or 662 less than during the last count.

Serious cases in intensive care are also decreasing with 130 fewer patients for a total of 4,018.

If the trend continues, France should therefore fall below the 4,000 resuscitation mark in the week.

In addition, 13,563 new cases have been detected throughout France.  

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