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We are with current affairs critic Koh Hyun-jun.

What is the first news today (26th)?

<Hyun-Joon Ko/Sisa Critic>

There is a huge desert in Utah, USA. In the middle of this desert, a huge pillar of unknown identity was found.

On the 18th local time, state officials conducting an environmental survey by helicopter found a mysterious object flashing in the middle of the desert.

When I landed, I found that a 3.6m high metal triangular pillar was fixed on the floor, but there were no footprints or car wheel tracks around, so I wonder who installed it.

There is a lot of speculation on social media, such as the conduct of an alien. In particular, this pillar is similar to the alien sculpture in the film '2001 Space Odyssey,' directed by Stanley Kubrick, raising questions.

There are jokes that there will be a vaccine in the COVID-19 outbreak, but the state authorities speculate that it is likely to be an art sculpture at this time.

A so-called netizen investigation team appeared to track where the pillars were, but because of fears that they could get lost in the desert to see them, the authorities decided not to disclose the exact location of the pillars.


These speculations will subside only when it comes to who built it, but I hope that there are so many people who died from Corona 19 that the sad story is not hidden.

Please tell me the next news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko/President Critic>

Due to the corona, it is necessary to verify the QR code or write an access list when entering a restaurant or cafe these days.

Currently, electronic access registers and handwritten lists using QR codes are mainly used to manage the list of accessors to multi-use facilities.

However, it was pointed out that QR codes are difficult for seniors who are unfamiliar with smartphones to use, and that using them by hand is concerned about the leakage of personal information.

So, the Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication announced that it is supporting to automatically register access by simply calling a six-digit phone number starting with 14, that is, '14OOOO'.

There is no call charge.

However, since the number that can be used is limited to about 9,000, it will be used mainly in medical institutions, social welfare facilities, and traditional markets that are frequently used by the digitally vulnerable such as the elderly.

Local governments can apply, and starting today, you can apply for number assignments to each mobile operator.

After the end of Corona 19, the plan is to use this number as a free civil service number, etc.


Sounds like a good policy, what's next?

<Hyun-Joon Ko/Presentation Critic>

About half of the workers answered that they will not be able to use all of their annual leave this year.

According to the Labor Standards Act, a company is required to give 15 days of paid leave to employees who have attended more than 80% of the time in a year.When a job portal conducted a survey on annual use of 1,600 employees, half of the respondents this year It was expected that the annual car would not be exhausted.

The most common reason for not being able to use it was'because of a lack of manpower and a lot of work', followed by'because of the boss's notice' and'because of an atmosphere where annual use is not free'.

Respondents found that an average of 8 days of annual leave remained until the end of this year, and if so, 41.4% answered that they did not receive compensation for the unused annual leave.

Corona 19 also affected annual use, 39% said there was a change.

There were more cases of an increase in annual use than a decrease of 22%, but it seems that there were various effects such as a caring gap and worsening the company situation.