• Iran-USA, Rohani: possible relations with Biden like those that existed before Trump

  • Biden: "America is back and will work with allies."

    Trump surprise in the press room

  • Usa, Trump gives in.

    The transition of powers begins


November 25, 2020 - Outgoing US President Donald Trump urged his supporters to work to overturn the US election results, claiming they were "rigged" to secure Democrat Joe Biden a victory.

"We need to overturn the election," Trump said in a phone call to Republican supporters in Pennsylvania more than three weeks after Biden's victory.

"These elections have been rigged," Trump said, repeating several conspiracy theories that have been scrapped in courtrooms across the country.

Trump: I have pardoned Flynn

Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he had pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who became involved in Russiagate.

"It is my great honor to announce that General Michael Flynn has been granted full pardon," he wrote.

"Congratulations to him and his wonderful family, now I know you will have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving!" He added. 

Biden: "In the US free elections, respect the result"

"In America we have free elections, the result must be respected": said Joe Biden speaking to the nation.

At the same time, Donald Trump reiterated his thesis of rigged elections.

"Our democracy has been tested this year and what we have learned is this. The American people are up to the task," President-elect Biden said speaking to the nation on the eve of Thanksgiving.

This "gloomy season of division" will give way to a year of "light and unity" Biden continued.

"Fighting against this virus is a duty of all of us as Americans": Biden then said, explaining how the federal government can do a lot, but also how all citizens must feel obliged to wear masks, respect social distancing and avoid the gatherings, even on the occasion of holidays such as Thanksgiving.