, Beijing, November 25th, title: Overseas Chinese business talks and inheritance of the "Zhang Jian spirit": Take the responsibility of the times and resolve to return Sang Zi

  Chinanews reporter Wu Kan

  "Zhang Jian is a sage and role model for private entrepreneurs. We overseas Chinese businessmen should also inherit the'Zhang Jian spirit', always have a heart of innocence, always put home in our hearts, and shoulder social responsibilities." Honor of China Federation of Overseas Chinese Businessmen Chen Lihua, the chairman and chairman of the board of directors of Fuhua International Group, said in an interview with a reporter from

  Chen Lihua said that Zhang Jian, while setting up industries, actively set up education and social welfare undertakings to benefit the hometown and help the people.

As overseas Chinese businessmen, we should see the best, regard family and country feelings as our lifelong belief and pursuit, and integrate enterprise development into national construction.

Passionate patriotism

  "Patriotic sentiment is the background color of Zhang Jian's life. To learn Zhang Jian, we must first learn his patriotic sentiment." Shi Ganping, chairman of Demai International Industry Group and chairman of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese Businessmen, said. He gave up his fame and official career and returned to his hometown to establish a spinning mill. Patriotism, saving the country and serving the country were his lifelong pursuits.

  Shi Ganping said that as an overseas Chinese businessman, he is always duty-bound at the critical moment when the country has needs and society has needs.

"At the beginning of this year when the domestic epidemic was serious, I led the company to actively donate money and materials, and at the same time quickly switch to masks to help the supply of epidemic prevention materials."

  "Zhang Jian's story reminds me of Mr. Xie Yichu, the founder of CP Group." Xue Zengyi, vice chairman of CP Group, said. In 1979, Xie Yichu led CP Group to participate in the construction of special economic zones in China. At that time, China's reform and opening-up prospects were not clear, and some Foreign investment is still waiting and hesitating, while CP has become the "No. 0001" foreign businessman in mainland China.

  In Xue Zengyi’s view, since the reform and opening up, overseas Chinese businessmen have made important contributions to China’s development. Nowadays, the majority of overseas Chinese businessmen should always work with their ancestors (home) to demonstrate new development patterns and promote high-quality development. Responsible.

The spirit of hard work

  "It is Zhang Jian's lifelong pursuit to serve the country through industry. He built Nantong into the'first city in modern China' and promoted the development of China's national industry." Shi Ganping said that overseas Chinese businessmen in the new era should also persist in working hard to prosper the country and strive to create jobs. Posts and promote economic and social development.

  Shi Ganping said that Demai International Industry Group focuses on the real economy, and its subsidiary Jin Hengfeng Technology Group has been deeply involved in the industrial printer market segment for 21 years. From imitation to surpassing to leadership, it relies on the never-say-failure hard work and practical spirit.

  In a red sandalwood processing factory on the outskirts of Beijing, no matter the cold or the heat, Chen Lihua, who is nearly 80 years old, will come to the workshop almost every day to observe and guide the craftsmen.

"I go to work in the morning, work at noon, work in the afternoon, and work overtime at night. I am tired but I am not tired of it." Chen Lihua said.

  Over the years, it was in this processing plant that Chen Lihua led the workers to imitate the original cultural relics of the Forbidden City, restore pieces of wooden artifacts, and promote traditional Chinese culture.

In her view, hard work is the inheritance and development of "sandalwood carving skills" for decades.

  "I hope that the younger generation of overseas Chinese businessmen can also work hard, strive to innovate, have the courage to overcome difficulties, and repay Sangzi while achieving their own careers." Chen Lihua said.

Social Responsibility of Investing in Education

  "Zhang Jian sold the industry and even sold words to raise funds. He devoted all his resources to the establishment and operation of nearly 400 schools in Nantong. I was deeply moved when I read this story." Wang Linda, chairman of the board of directors of Yihai Group, said that he is committed to The overseas Chinese business entrepreneurs in private education should take Zhang Jian as a model.

  Linda Wang told reporters that Yihai started to establish kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle and high schools in 1997. After 22 years of development, the number of students has grown from the initial dozens of students to the current thousands.

"Strive for the country to be the first to educate. We have always insisted on providing children with a stable learning environment and high-quality educational resources, so that children can realize their value in life and contribute to society after they leave school."

  Li Ran, chairman of the board of directors of Xinqiao United Financial Services Holding Group Co., Ltd. and executive vice president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Overseas Chinese, has also been committed to donating education for many years. "We have established the Wang Hanbin Law Foundation in cooperation with Tsinghua University Law School. Since 2013, Scholarships have been provided to more than 500 impoverished law students from 14 universities across the country."

  Li Ran said that Zhang Jian used business to support his studies, and the wealth he earned throughout his life served the society. As entrepreneurs in the overseas Chinese community in the new era, we should also shoulder social responsibility and donate the dividends from business to education, charity and local public welfare funds. Strongly support China's social welfare undertakings.