Bad Segeberg (dpa / lno) - After a train accident with a seriously injured toddler on October 1 in Norderstedt, the public prosecutor's office is now investigating the train driver on suspicion of negligent bodily harm.

The Bad Segeberg police department announced on Wednesday that there were no technical causes for the accident.

"The systems of the train were properly in operation on the day of the accident, in particular the sensors of the automatic door and the corresponding displays on the driver's monitor," said the report in the report of an expert commissioned by the Kiel public prosecutor.

The accident happened when a 34-year-old woman from Norderstedt wanted to back out of the train compartment at the AKN stop “Friedrichsgabe” and pulled a pram behind her, in which there was a 19-month-old boy.

Before both had left the train completely, the doors closed and the train started.

The front wheel of the stroller was pinched by the compartment door and could no longer be released.

The stroller was dragged around 20 meters before a train traveler operated the emergency brake.

As a result, the train doors opened automatically and the child fell headlong into the track bed with the stroller.

The boy was seriously, but not life-threatening, injured, quickly received emergency medical care and taken to hospital with the slightly injured mother.

Both were able to leave the hospital after several days.